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Perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, we have an array of styles at Enhance Décor to choose from to best suit the décor of your home.

Blinds – Best Window Blinds (customized and standard)

Your blinds can do so much more than just look beautiful. Best window blinds help you control light, give you privacy and reduce your power bills.

Perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, we have an array of styles at Enhance Décor to choose from to best suit the décor of your home. Available in a range of colors, materials, and designs, all of our blinds are designed to provide stylish and practical solutions for your home as well as a complement to your home decor, like wallpaper, curtains, beddings, blinds, your complete home interior.

If you have unique window shapes to cover, get your own look by deciding on custom blinds.

Our in-store associates at Enhance Decor can help you to get that perfect look for your windows.

  • Roller –

Roller blinds are a classic choice for window dressings and are perhaps the most well-known type of blind, that’s why here at Enhance Décor we have an extensive range to choose from.

The pattern of the blind itself can make a subtle or more striking contribution to your decor. The idea of a roller shade is simple. When lowered, the shade hangs flat near the window pane and when raised, it rolls up into a cylindrical rod. Lots of fabric options are available to choose from.

  • Roman –

Find classic roman blinds at Enhance Décor and dress your windows in tasteful pleats. Whether you prefer traditional patterns for the kitchen or floral designs for the living room, you’ll find an ample selection of roman blinds here at Enhance Décor.

Ideal for limiting sunlight when you need to, roman blinds are easy to use. Simply pull the cord to adjust the blinds to the height that you require for your windows to allow your roman blinds to create chic pleats in your chosen fabric.

  • Venetian –

Venetian blinds are perfect for the modern home. The adaptability of Venetian blinds makes them a stylish way to let just the right amount of light into your room, while creating the perfect amount of privacy, too.

Their simple, streamlined design makes them suitable for an array of rooms and settings, from bedrooms to bathrooms, lounges, and kitchens. Choose from lightweight aluminum – ideal for the home and office – or wooden blinds, perfect for lounges and bedrooms. Enhance Decor, we have a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home.

  • Vertical –

Blinds are a great way of saving space and creating clean, modern lines in any room. Our vertical blinds come in a variety of natural tones to blend smoothly with your interior décor while adding a stylish finish to your window.

Vertical blinds are less likely to collect dust because they stand vertically. Since they draw to the side rather than lifting and lowering, they are easier and faster to operate. They operate better on doors and windows that also slide from side to side.

Ideal for a wide range of window styles, from standard windows to doors. Blinds available at Enhance Décor come in a variety of widths and drops.

  • Zebra –

Zebra Blinds are made up with a combination of Sheer Sunscreen and Solid Fabric when the solid fabric strips overlap light is blocked out and light is let in when the sheer fabric strips overlap. It is worked by side chain, it can move the shade to see through the stripes or on the other hand to withdraw the visually impaired totally taking into account finish view of the window.

These are modern alternatives to light filtering window treatments. Its contemporary look adds a stylish functional effect to your house.


How to clean the Blinds?

Cleaning the blinds is very easy. Dust and light dirt can be easily cleaned with a feather duster or a soft cloth, also little moist cloth will help to clean the blinds nicely.

Window coverings are really child-safe?

Majority of our products comes with motorization option, that makes sure “the window covering is safe to use”. But sometime some products have cords, that might turn unsafe for your kids.

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