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Curtains – Best Decorative Curtains to help you master that elegant look for creating graceful ambiance.

Curtains are an impression of your style and taste. It serves many purposes part from stopping dust and the sun’s rays. Curtains and drapes are an incredible way to add color and beauty to any home’s decor. The best decorative curtains bring style to a living room with long curtains or playfulness to a kitchen with a colorful valance. Contemporary Curtains look great in all rooms.

Check out the range of curtains available at Enhance Decor and match them to your furniture or choose contrasting colors to add dimension.

Select from wide range of shower curtains, door curtains, windows curtains, window blinds, kids curtains, curtain rods and curtain tie backs as per your room decor.

Curtains, whether it is window curtain, door curtain, living room curtain, bedroom curtain, kitchen curtain or any other, it serves many purposes in a household. Window curtains make your windows look graceful. They also secure your home by keeping prying eyes away. Curtains are advantageous for hiding while playing a game of hiding and seek with the kids. Hence, the gravity of this classic piece of furnishing cannot be missed.

  • American Pleat –

This design is so convenient. Classic model as made 3-pleat details. Give your rooms the royal and elegant look. American pleat curtains are created by experienced curtain makers with hours of work. Designed with the finest fabrics and materials, these curtains for your windows can add some exquisite charm to your rooms.

The curtain can be stuck on the pole or rail. It is one of the most traditional pleats, has a trim straight and voluminous that allows a perfect adaptation to modern architecture projects.

Versatile curtain tape is also knitted on the top of the curtain panel and curtain are pinned to the tape to form wonderful heading.

  • Wave Pleats –

Easy to handle, the similarity of waves due to use of tapes with standard eyelets that attach themselves to permit sliding going once the curtain is always neat and fits several architecture projects moderates.

You can make them look as elegant or as casual as you like, it all depends on the fabric you choose.

Wave curtains are suitable for the most of the curtain fabrics, although this style is most popular using plain or luxurious sheers. Wave Curtains look admirable on decorative or if you are after a more minimalistic look, a variety of curtain tracks can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling to give your room the look that you are after.

Wave Curtain is a modern way of dressing your windows, it is simplistic yet elegant without being fussy.

  • Eyelet Curtains –

If it’s modern and sober feel that you are after for your bedroom or living room, then eyelet curtains are the finest way to ensemble your windows.  Any curtain style can look absolutely stunning with an eyelet header.

Eyelet curtains get their name because they have large metal rings within the curtain material rather than the typical curtain header. As such, the curtains are hung directly on the pole. This type of design means that the curtains have softer pleats and as such, fold far more naturally without creating creases in the curtain.

We know that it’s the details that matter when it comes to interior designing, so whether you are looking for plain eyelet curtains or cozy designs curtains, we will have all the curtains for you only at Enhance Décor.

  • Goblet Pleat Curtains –

A goblet pleat is one of the most attractive finishes for your curtain headings.

Goblet pleated curtains are the most formal of all styles, with a cylindrical cuff that resembles a wine glass. The main pleat is shaped and filled with wadding or interlining.

Tucked and folded, goblet pleats are open at the very top to give a ‘goblet’ or ‘wineglass’ look. These curtains are usually seen in grand or traditional rooms with high ceilings. Use with heavy weight fabrics for a stunning sumptuous look on full-length curtains.

Exclusive collection of curtains types available to choose from only at Enhance Décor.

  • Valance Curtains –

A valance is a form of window treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window and can be hung by itself or paired with window curtains.

Valances are placed above windows and over the heads of the curtains to add a finished look to the top of a window, camouflaging the track or pole. They can be used to create an illusion of height and to change the proportion of a window.

The valance curtain frames the stage, giving definition to the viewing area. A beautiful, well-made valance curtain can add a touch of class and elegance to any window.


Why to purchase curtains from Enhance Décor and Home Furnishings?

Enhance offers you a wide range of designs and colors to pick your favorite suitable for your home. Due to below reasons, you must purchase curtains from enhance;
1) Best Quality Fabric is provided
2) Extensive range is available
3) Durable Material
4) Value for money – you will never get a better choice than Enhance

How many panels does it take to cover a standard window?

The number of panels needed for a window or a door, is completely your choice. But, it also depends on the area of your window or door.

Thermal Curtains Really Work?

There are many types of curtains available but, thermal curtains have its own benefit.

For people who want to maintain the indoor temperature for them, Thermal Curtain is the best solution. Once can easily control the inside temperature but can optimize heir home’s efficiency.

What is a curtain heading?

Mainly the style of pleat of finish (eg: eyelet) at the top of the pleat is known as Curtain Heading

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