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SERVICES – Inhouse Interior Designer

In-house designers at Enhance Décor have tasked with designing, implementing and refurbishing interior spaces. They transform rooms in accordance with our clients’ requirements, using their artistic flair and understanding of colors to design interior spaces that have the right aesthetic appeal and make the most of the available space.

Our in-house designers focus their efforts on structural design, color schemes, lighting, ventilation, furniture, and furnishings.

Enhance Décor Interior Designers spend a healthy chunk of time conducting research and keeping up-to-date on current trends and latest developments in the interior design industry, such as decorating techniques, new materials, and innovative tools. They have the appropriate Artistic ability, Creativity, Visualization, Detail oriented and Problem-solving skills need for smart work.

Our in-house designers make the interior of your home spaces practical, secure, and exquisite.


While revamping a home, do we really require an interior decorator?

Many of us has a question in mind, Do we really need an interior decorator to redesign my home?
Interior Designers are professionally educated or trained to understand how to decorate or redesign the place. Good designer can help you any point of time, at any stage of designing. They make your home more beautiful by adding some elements or may be removing some.
On the basis of the information provided by you and your requirements for the space, all the essential drawings and structural calculations are provided. On that basis they guide you from initial level to the final stage.

What are the things one should discuss in the first meeting of Home Redesigning project?

• You can collect the magazine cuttings or pictures of the items that appeal you
• You should be very well aware of the objectives and your needs
• Think about colors, styles and effects you like
• Design your time line for work, when you have to start and when you have to finish the work?
• Should it be formal or casual, traditional or contemporary?
• Must have budget in mind, on that basis estimating the project cost would be easier

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