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Enhance Décor is proud to offer an alluring collection of designer wallpaper in many different styles, able to complement an existing décor or completely transform any room quickly and easily.

Wallpapers – Best Home Wallpaper (in rolls and customized)
Enhance Decor has covered with all kinds of stylish wallpaper for walls in your home.

Decorating with wallpaper is a fun way to give a different feel to a room, bring in a unique pattern, or to act as a temporary statement piece for a renters place.

When decorating a room in your home, nothing lifts the mood or makes a statement on your walls quite like wallpaper.

Enhance Décor is proud to offer an alluring collection of designer wallpaper in many different styles, able to complement an existing décor, like curtains, blinds, beddings, etc… or completely transform any room quickly and easily.

We offer the living room, bedroom or even kitchen wallpaper in a variety of colors and patterns.

For modern, classic or vintage wallpaper, there’s no place like Enhance Décor.

Available in an ample range of styles, colors, and patterns, wallpaper can add character and texture to a room only at Enhance Décor.

You can personalize your wallpapers entirely different and unique to your home by adding dimension with textured wallpaper coated in a custom shade. We provide customized wallpaper which fits customer personalize design to their requisite size.

3D wallpapers give the illusion of added depth. Enhance Décor collection features pattern and texture designs which improve overall looks of your home.

Enhance Decors offers the most striking Geometric wallpaper which lends movement to any room and inspires the senses.

Floral Wallpaper makes a handsome statement and is a great way of bringing a touch of the outdoors inside your home.

Select the most alluring patterns from our collection for refreshing your home.

Cover large spaces and add visual interest and balance to walls at your home with our wide range of textured wallpaper collections only at Enhance Décor.


Before selecting a perfect Wallpaper, what are the things you should consider?

“Selecting the wallpaper is really a difficult job. Because if you select any random wallpaper that might spoil the look of your beautiful home. Therefore, while selecting the wallpaper you should keep the following things in mind;
1) You must consider the color of flooring, Curtains, Furniture in that room
2) Make sure there is no seepage, otherwise the beautiful wallpaper night turn to worst
3) Make sure you are putting the appropriate to serve the purpose, like for bathroom or kitchen you must use waterproof wallpaper, if it’s a baby room you must use related designs….
4) Before purchasing the wallpapers make sure you have measured all the walls perfectly where wallpaper need to put and minus door, window and large opening
5) Choose appropriate patterns

For a Wallpaper to dry, how much time it takes?

Wallpaper’s drying time may vary and it depends on some factor’s like, indoor temperature, environmental condition, etc.… But in an average for a wallpaper to dry completely it takes 24 to 48 hrs.

What does it mean for wallpaper to be Prepasted?

When the term comes prepasted, that means the sticky material (adhesive)has already been applied to its back. At the time of delivery, it seems nothing has added, but actually it is completely dried that time. But at the time, when you wish to put the wallpaper, you need to add little moisture to it and you just need to stick that to walls.


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